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Similan Island Dive Sites - Three Trees

2017-03-16 12:24:48

Similan Island Dive Sites - Three Trees

Three Trees dive site is located at Similan Island #9 (Ko Bangu). It is fantastic as a first dive of the day in the early morning to explore the boulders that are set away from the main section of reef. They are quite deep on the sand but worth going to because beautiful soft corals grow on these rocks. The rocks are swarming with glass fish too and look stunning against the really blue backdrop of the deeper water.

Coming shallower across a large sandy area, you may encounter sting rays and be aware of any titan trigger fish that might be nesting. The fringing reef itself that slopes down from Similan Island #9 is mainly hard corals. It starts at 5m and slopes down to around 20m. There is something to see all the way to the safety stop on this dive site. If there is a current, you can drift along the reef easily with no need to work against it. Morays, octopus and lobsters are common on the reef. Three Trees dive site also seems to be a feeding ground for hawksbill turtles.
Always keep one eye in the blue because it is not uncommon to have napolean wrasse or large tunas swimming by.

The deep boulders are 22m-35m on the sand but worth it. Sometimes there is a guitar shark hanging out down there!
Most of the dive is on the reef section to get a nice long dive.