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Thulhagiri Prices and Packages

Prices and Packages for divers
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Price Information

Prices in Maldives come with ++
This is completely normal for all Dive Centers and Resorts in Maldives as per the law of Maldives. You will find an additional percentage to cover this government service tax added to your final bill.

To keep things simple and clear, our downloadable price lists show two price amounts per item. The first price is the price of the service and the second (higher) price is the amount you will actually pay on your bill upon check out.

To save on your Maldives diving holiday, SUB AQUA DiveCenter have selected some online dive packages and courses that you can book directly before you arrive. We recommend you do this to save up to 10% on the rate you will receive at the Resort when you arrive!
Be sure to book minimum 3 days before you arrive to your diving destination to enjoy this saving. Bookings made online after your arrival will be refunded and voided.
See below for more details.

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 • Thulhagiri Dive Center Price List  

Dive Packages - special web offer - save up to 10% when booking online here!

Thulhagiri 5 dives 255,-
Thulhagiri 6 dives 306,-
Thulhagiri 7 dives 357,-
Thulhagiri 8 dives 408,-
Thulhagiri 9 dives 459,-
Thulhagiri 10 dives 488,-
Thulhagiri 11 dives 537,-
Thulhagiri 12 dives 586,-
Thulhagiri 13 dives 634,-
Thulhagiri 14 dives 683,-
Thulhagiri 15 dives 699,-
Thulhagiri 20 dives 887,-

All prices in US$.
Prices are for dives ONLY - includes tanks and weights.
NITROX is free (if you have a license)

The dive packages are for dives only with additional fees applicable to the following:
• Rental equipment
• Dive Guide
• Boat fee (if you wish to dive from the boat)

Note: Depending on the qualification of the diver the dives must be accompanied by a dive guide (instructor/dive master). The minimum requirements for dives without a guide are PADI/SSI Open Water, CMAS 1* or equivalent internationally recognised certification, with at least 30 dives within the last 18 months, plus the successful completion of the SUB AQUA DiveCenter's orientation dive as the first dive upon arrival. Diving packages, diving tours and diving courses are not transferable. Not completely used diving packages will not be refunded.
Diving requires the use of a dive computer!

Diving Courses - special web offer - save up to 10% when booking here online!

Bubble Maker - Thulhagiri Beginner diving class for kids aged 8 to 10 years old 100,-
PADI Scuba Diver - Thulhagiri Beginner diving course - ages 10+* 323,-
PADI Open Water Diver - Thulhagiri Beginner diving course - get your license!* 535,-
PADI Advanced Open Water - Thulhagiri Next level after PADI Open Water* 350,-
PADI Open Water Referral - Thulhagiri Price per dive to complete your Open Water Diver course if you started elsewhere* 74,-
PADI Upgrade from SD to OWD - Thulhagiri 4 lessons and theory* 259,-
PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Course - Thulhagiri Theory only - no dives required* 62,-
PADI Handling Fee - Thulhagiri Compulsory item for any PADI course above marked with * (includes certification fee and required study materials, where appropriate) 160,-

All prices in US$.

• Price includes all instructor tuition and the dives required to complete your course (both confined and open water dives), except for the PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course because this is a theory-only course.
• Scuba equipment rental is included for beginner courses only. All other courses and dives will require you to rent equipment from us or bring your own equipment.

All PADI courses marked with a * above, means that you must purchase the PADI handling fee. This includes your certification fee to PADI and any study materials required. Purchase this here online or pay at the Dive Center when you arrive, 160.-US$++