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Similan Island Dive Sites - Shark Fin Reef

2017-03-16 12:05:19

Similan Island Dive Sites - Shark Fin Reef

Shark Fin Reef is the most southern of all the Similan dive sites.
This dive site is located south-east of Similan Island #3 and is so named, Shark Fin Reef, because of the long shark-fin shaped rock visible from the surface. This long rock is the main reference of the dive site and underwater it stretches for a distance long enough to enjoy an hour-long drift dive.

Deeper, towards the foot of the rock, are many cracks, small caves, and walls to explore. Sting rays and leopard sharks can be seen on the sand at depth. Shallower, divers may be lucky enough to see turtle or bumphead parrot fish. The shallow parts of this dive site provide divers with some of the clearest waters in the Similan Islands; perfect for those longer wide-angle underwater scenic photographs.

Depth: 5m - 30m+