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Maldives Angaga - Theluveligaa Tila

2017-10-09 12:24:16

Maldives Angaga - Theluveligaa Tila

Moray eels and turtles! Suitable for all divers.

This reef has a shallow top with several overgrown coral blocks. From North to West are some overhangs ranging between 12m and 24m continuing all the way to the south of the dive site. The reef slopes to 20m on the sand at the East side. Black and soft corals can be found in parts all across the reef.

Many schools of reef fish in different variety surround divers on Theluveligaa Tila. In the overhangs or under the coral blocks reef sharks and stingrays like to hide so it is always worth a look underneath. Scorpion fish and stone fish are common on this dive site and very well camouflaged so take care. Plenty of morays are living on this reef and explore the bush corals for long nose hawkfish. From time to time a turtle is passing by too.