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Scuba diving the Red Sea often means traveling to Egypt, a most fascinating holiday destination. Egypt lies at 28.8013° N latitude and 31.1711° E longitude and is in North East Africa but it also extends out to Southwest Asia, bridging the two continents. It is this unique location at the edges of Africa, Europe and Asia that has given Egypt such a rich and long history as a key world power.

Egypt's section of the Red Sea stretches from the Sinai Peninsula all the way down to the north Sudanese border.

SUB AQUA Dive Center's partner dive center in Hurghada is located at Le Pacha Resort in the popular El Sakala area of Hurghada but there are many other hotels in this central area and the dive center will pick you up.

SUB AQUA Dive Center's partner dive center near Marsa Alam is located at Utopia Beach Resort in El Quseir. Easy access to great diving - even the house reef is spectacular - so you are right where you want to be.


Egypt Map of Sub Aqua Dive Centers

Getting here


Egypt Map of Sub Aqua Dive Centers

You get to Egypt most commonly via Cairo International Airport but if you are a diver heading to the Red Sea then you are well advised to take advantage of the numerous direct flights to Hurghada International Airport.

Hurghada is just 6km from SUB AQUA DiveCenter's partner center, Le Pacha. SUB AQUA DiveCenter's partner dive center at Utopia Beach Resort is 150km south from Hurghada airport or just 47km north from Marsa Alam International airport (airport code, RMF).

Visa Information
All visitors to Egypt (except those from Malta or Arab countries) must obtain a Tourist Visa, have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months, sufficient funds for expenses during their stay and an onward/return ticket.

You can obtain a single entry 30-day Tourist Visa from an Egyptian consulate/embassy in your own country but visas can be issued on arrival for citizens of the UK, EU, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada. The cost varies and can be paid in US Dollar or Pounds Sterling.

You can visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information.

Weather and Seasons

The Red Sea is a year-round diving destination although if you are a warm-water diver, then you will find the water somewhat chilly in the winter months!

Water temperature is 22° to 30° depending on the time of year. The average water temperature for the year is around 25° celsius.

The winter is mild but the summer is hot. April to May are good months before the sun gets too hot, or September to October when the water is still warm but again the sun is not at its hottest. The water temperature in Hurghada area tends to peak around 28° celsius July to September but because you can dive the Red Sea all year, some will dive when the water is warmest while some prefer to escape the European winter with some Red Sea diving.

Tips for travel to Egypt

Currency - Egyptian Pound (LE)

Time Zones - 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or 3 hours during daylight savings time (late April to late September)

Electricity - Most areas in Egypt use 220v AC. Wall sockets are the round 2-pin European type.

Communication - Egypt has modern telephone systems and most cities can be reached by direct dial. For international calls use 00 + country code + area code + phone number. There are high surcharges for international calls from hotels! A prepaid SIM is a practical option if you need to make calls while in Egypt. The SIM-card will require a SIM unlocked GSM cell phone that supports the 900 frequency. An increasing number of cafes, hotel lobbies and other locations now provide free wifi access.

Tipping - Baksheesh is what tipping is known as in Egypt and something expected by anyone who provides you a service. Small notes are useful for doormen, hotel staff etc that may assist you while on holiday. For other services, Baksheesh is usually already added to your bill. You will find 7% tax and 12% service charge on restaurant and hotel bills. Taxi drivers are usually tipped around 10% of the metered fare, but not if the fare was agreed in advance of your journey.

For more information you can see Egypt's official tourism website.

Hurghada Information

Hurghada is a beach resort town popular with divers. The El-Sakala district of Hurghada is a thriving, developed area with pleasant walking passages around the old port, and the location of SUB AQUA Dive Center Partner at Le Pacha Resort.

You will find many hotels, stores, shopping centres, cinema, clubs and restaurants open well into the night so you will never be stuck for something to do in this area. If you are not too tired after your diving adventures, you can take a walk and enjoy a typically Egyptian Schai (tea) and Sheesha (water pipe) in one of the many cafes, or head to the market area to try your luck bargaining with the locals for souvenirs.

Hurghada Tourism information site is a useful online portal for more tourist information about Hurghada.

El Quseir Information

El Quseir is a quiet resort town with sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs ideal for snorkeling and diving. This is where you will find SUB AQUA DiveCenter Partner (operated by Euro Divers) at Utopia Beach Resort.

Utopia Beach Resort is a little bit away from the town but there is everything you need at the resort. The resort is tranquil and secluded for a truly relaxing holiday. However a short taxi ride and you can be in the local town of El Quseir. Not just a seaside town, there is much history behind this port town and locals seek to protect the city's heritage as much as possible. The recently restored fort now hosts a visitors' center with displays of local history and culture.

You can always spend time in the local ahwas drinking tea and coffee or smoking sheesha. There is one close-by to Utopia Beach Resort. The hotel cuisine is good enough that you never have to leave the complex. However, if you do want to try something new, there is the most delicious seafood restaurant in the town - ask the staff at the dive center for a recommendation.