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2016-09-18 12:54:57

Scuba diving the Red Sea often means traveling to Egypt, a most fascinating holiday destination. Egypt lies at 28.8013° N latitude and 31.1711° E longitude and is in North East Africa but it also extends out to Southwest Asia, bridging the two continents. It is this unique location at the edges of Africa, Europe and Asia that has given Egypt such a rich and long history as a key world power.

Egypt's section of the Red Sea stretches from the Sinai Peninsula all the way down to the north Sudanese border.

SUB AQUA Dive Center's partner dive center in Hurghada is located at Le Pacha Resort in the popular El Sakala area of Hurghada but there are many other hotels in this central area and the dive center will pick you up.

SUB AQUA Dive Center's partner dive center near Marsa Alam is located at Utopia Beach Resort in El Quseir. Easy access to great diving - even the house reef is spectacular - so you are right where you want to be.