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Maldives Angaga - Madivaru

2017-10-09 12:10:51

Maldives Angaga - Madivaru

Manta cleaning station. Suitable for all divers!

This long reef is situated at the outer reef in the West channel. The reef top at 10m slopes steeply to 30m on the sand. Many overhangs and niches are seen along the reef. The reef is covered with hard corals and also a few anemones.

Eagle ray, napolean, tunas and jackfish swim by frequently. As it's a channel dive at the outer reef anything can be seen from Whale shark to nudibranches! In season (typically November to April), mantas visit the cleaning station regularly and hang out on the top of the reef at around 10m. There are always many kinds of fish to be seen and in the cracks along the reef you will find many small inhabitants, such as lobsters and shrimps.