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El Quseir Information

2016-09-18 12:54:57

El Quseir is a quiet resort town with sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs ideal for snorkeling and diving. This is where you will find SUB AQUA DiveCenter Partner (operated by Euro Divers) at Utopia Beach Resort.

Utopia Beach Resort is a little bit away from the town but there is everything you need at the resort. The resort is tranquil and secluded for a truly relaxing holiday. However a short taxi ride and you can be in the local town of El Quseir. Not just a seaside town, there is much history behind this port town and locals seek to protect the city's heritage as much as possible. The recently restored fort now hosts a visitors' center with displays of local history and culture.

You can always spend time in the local ahwas drinking tea and coffee or smoking sheesha. There is one close-by to Utopia Beach Resort. The hotel cuisine is good enough that you never have to leave the complex. However, if you do want to try something new, there is the most delicious seafood restaurant in the town - ask the staff at the dive center for a recommendation.