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Andaman Sea Dive Sites

Best dive sites of the Andaman Sea. Similan, Richelieu, Burma and more...
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Cuttlefish on Richelieu Rock

Yellow Tiger Tail Seahorse

Whale shark silhouette Richelieu Rock

Diving Thailand


Cuttlefish on Richelieu Rock

The best scuba diving in Thailand is to be found off the West coast in the Andaman Sea. With its warm waters crammed full of colourful hard and soft corals, rocky swim-throughs and caverns, the Andaman Sea offers some of the most varied marine life and dive sites in the world!

Phuket, Phi Phi, Khao Lak and Krabi are probably the most popular resort locations for diving holidays. Phuket is central to all the dive sites with the Similan Islands easily accessible to the North and then Phi Phi Islands, Racha Islands and other local dive sites accessible to the South.

The biggest draw to this area is definitely the choice of Thailand liveaboard trips that run from October to May each year offering the best of Thailand's dive sites in one trip combination of dive-eat-sleep, with nothing more to think about. 100% best way to relax and dive the sites of Thailand!

Some liveaboard boats also have monthly liveaboard trips to Burma during the winter months. If you are looking for a new diving adventure with world-class dive sites then this is definitely a place to explore!

Similan Islands are Thailand's top diving destination and are preferably dived from a liveaboard but are also easily accessible by day trip from Khao Lak.

The most famous Thailand dive site of all has to be Richelieu Rock and its reputation for whale shark sightings. Although you are not guaranteed to see a whale shark, this site is so varied; you can dive it over and over and always find something new from tiny seahorses, to cuttle fish, to octopus and barracuda, all the way through to whale shark. It's a photographers dream but the big question will remain, do you take macro lens or wide angle? It is a tough decision because Richelieu Rock really has it all.


Map of Andaman Sea Dive Sites

Burma Dive Sites


Map of Andaman Sea Dive Sites

In the Andaman Sea, north of the Thai border, lies some fantastic diving on relatively untouched dive sites in Myanmar (still known to many as Burma). This area opened to tourism in 1997 and to this day, divers that visit the waters surrounding the Mergui Archipelago get a sense of being a part of something special.

Divers typically board liveaboard boats to Burma on the Thai side of the border with Burma and most liveaboard options will include a 'best of Thailand' section as book-ends to the trip's itinerary.

What to expect from Burma dive sites? Firstly, the first thing you will notice is what you do not see and that is other boats!
Typically you will dive Burma's dive sites as the only boat on the dive site. It is rare that you have to share.
Several dive sites are really world class, such as Black Rock, Western Rocky and Shark Cave. Expect sharks and rays, including quite often leopard sharks, whale shark and manta rays, swim-throughs teeming with lobsters and heaps of gems for macro-lovers.
There can be strong currents in Burma and visibility on dive sites closer to the Thai border tends to be limited but as a more advanced diver looking for a new diving adventure, Burma is surely an attractive option.